It must’ve been in July 2012 that I first heard the story of a bird species that was holding up the approval for a mosque development, which means that today – publication day of “The Price of Two Sparrows” – is eight and half years later.

There have been many people who have helped in many different ways over those eight and half years but for today the crew at Affirm Press, and especially my wonderful editor Ruby Ashby-Orr, should be celebrated. I’m so grateful to Affirm for their commitment to finding manuscripts and turning them in to books and then getting them out in to the world and into readers’ hands. Ruby, I’ve loved working with you on “Sparrows”. Thanks for your hard work, patience, persistence and enthusiasm.

Here’s hoping “The Price of Two Sparrows” finds some readers and starts some conversations out in the world. I’m very grateful to all who’ve helped get it to this stage.