It’s the middle of March which is when my UTAS peers and I agreed we would swap some of our creative work to critique. So far: silence. There’s a certain cocoon that I seem to need to go into to write and this time, since it’s part of a PhD, my supervisors have had to be let in on the work much earlier than I usually would let anyone see it but now, the time has come for someone entirely outside the process to see it and it’s a bit scary.

Another thing that has happened in the last month is that I’ve started teaching for the first time which has created a kind of busy fog of nerves and emails and PowerPoint presentations which has made it very hard to get any creative work done. So far I’m enjoying teaching, but at present the work involved seems to spill well outside the hours I’m actually paid to be teaching, preparing and available for student consultation to take up a good proportion of my week. I’m hoping this will settle down as I get further into the semester but as the first assignments begin to trickle in, and marking is added to the mix, the challenge of finding space for writing increases.

All that said, I’m very much looking forward to reading my colleagues’ work. They are working on projects that sound fascinating and are also lovely people so I hope I can be some help in their journeys. So I guess I should package up my novel, write an (inevitably self-depreciating) email and send it off.