I’m thrilled that my book, The End of Seeing, was launched at the Melbourne Writers’ Festival last night. In Australia, you’ll find it in your local bookshop. Worldwide it’s available online at the Greenlight Bookstore, Booktopia, Bol.com, AmazonGleebooksXoum and it’s available as an ebook from iTunes and on Kindle. Or you can buy it direct from my publisher Seizure.

Determined to discover the truth about the disappearance of her partner, Nick, Ana sets out to re-trace the route he took as a photojournalist on the other side of the world – a journey that saw him presumed dead, on a ship wrecked off the coast of Italy. But Ana doesn’t believe Nick is dead. In his photos, in the messages her memories of him seem to carry, and in her growing suspicion about his own need to disappear, she is increasingly sure he is alive somewhere. As she tracks his journey, she begins to witness the world that Nick saw through his camera – a world in which disappearance is not unexpected.

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‘Dazzling, intelligent and heart-rending. I have long been a fan of Collins, and this is why.’ – Toni Jordan

‘I raced through with a catch in my throat and tears in my eyes. A love-letter to a vanished husband . . . nuanced and tender, political and tense. Christy Collins has written a subtle thriller with mystery at its heart.’ – Katerina Cosgrove